We believe the key element of our success is our customers’ long-term profitability, and the best way for us to ensure they achieve their goals is through partnering with them and co-investing to make certain their expectations are met or exceeded each and every time they work with us.

Whether our solutions are driving assem­bly lines, reducing energy consumption, raising drawbridges, training pilots, producing life-saving medical devices, protecting workers, packaging products, building machines, assuring quality or anything in between, Kaman Automation solutions are delivered with the singular focus of provid­ing customer satisfaction.

Customer First

Our customers include more than the people who buy from us; we also consider their customers, our suppliers, our employees and our communities to be Kaman Automation customers. We know that they each have specific needs today, but we expect they will have even greater needs tomorrow. To be prepared for the future we strive to constantly get better. Whether we need to improve our current approach, consider alternative methods, incorporate emerging technologies or any combination of the above, we expect to get better every time.

Our customers want to accomplish things; we plan to help them do that.