Rugged and Reliable Absolute Encoders for Tough Environments

Dynapar offers a wide range of reliable encoders designed to survive tough environments. Dynapar absolute encoders provide consistent feedback for speed and position applications with options including IP rating up to IP69K, a wide operating temperature range, magnetic or optical sensing and extreme shock and vibration resistance. 

Learn more about Dynapar’s reliable absolute encoders:Kaman Automation AI25 shafted bus cover

AI25 EtherCAT Encoder

  • Up to 22 Bit Single-Turn and 12 Bit Multi-Turn Resolution
  • ± 35″ / (±0.009º) Absolute Accuracy
  • Fast Cycle Times (62.5 μs)
  • Extreme Shock and Vibration Resistance (400G shock, 30G vibration)

AR62/63 Magnetic EncoderKaman Automation AR62 2

  • Magnetic Absolute Encoder for Reliability in Rugged Environments
  • 12 Bit Single-Turn Resolution, up to 16 Bit Multi-Turn
  • Rated to 200g Shock, 20g Vibration for Harsh Environments
  • IP69k Sealing Available
  • Analog, CAN Open or SSI Output Options