Kollmorgen’s AKM®2G Motor Moves Innovation Forward

Kollmorgen continues to move innovation forward with product solutions that make designing and building the next generation machine, robot and motion possible.  Kollmorgen’s addition to the AKM servo motor family – AKM®2G – allows engineers to do more with less. AKM2G servo motor has an average continuous torque increase of 30% – a major leap in a world of small steps. Now, OEMs in the most demanding, high-precision applications can design the machines by reducing the size of the machines with this torque-dense servo motor. 

Increased torque-density means that engineers can use the same size motor and get more performance. The AKM2G is for when applications need to move more, lift more and process more through machines but are constrained by available space. Engineers can now select a smaller motor with the same performance, allowing them to bring serial processes close together, reduce machine footprint and get more out of the available factory space.

Kollmorgen’s AKM2G servo motor helps solve real world problems by giving the power back to the design engineer – no compromises.

Key Features:

  • Increased torque
  • Wider speed range
  • Greater flexibility
  • Higher efficiency with a smaller footprint