Diagnose Motion Control Problems Before They Occur

Effective troubleshooting of a motion control system problem can be a time consuming process. The Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ fully integrated servo, with built-in controller and firmware, is constantly monitoring a variety of operating parameters.

In a recent case study, Using SmartMotor Data to Diagnose Linear Actuator Performance Problems, the Moog SmartMotor was used to quickly and effectively solve the performance problem in the actuator system. The SmartMotor’s integrated data collection capabilities, along with the data plotting tools in the SMI software, allowed the customer to diagnose a mechanical problem in the assembly. This was accomplished without need for other diagnostic equipment – simplifying the process and saving the customer time and money.

Key Features:

  • Robust data collection and reporting capabilities provide the ability for system troubleshooting
  • Fully integrated servo motor with built-in controller, optional IP sealing on select models, and our exclusive Combitronic™ technology
  • Firmware and SMI software incorporate cutting-edge features and technology, along with ease of use
  • Delivers simple solutions to difficult applications in aerospace, industrial machinery, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, metalwork, semiconductor and more

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