Monitor Critical Remote Equipment from Anywhere

Securely and cost-effectively send important operating condition and remote site information, as well as alarms, to your control room or to your operators: EAGLEi remote monitoring.

The EAGLEi Cellular RTU is a remote monitoring solution offered jointly by Phoenix Contact and EAGLEi Data LLC. This solution uses secure cloud-based data management to allow access to remote systems via a cellular network. The EAGLEi Cellular RTU is great for industries such as water/wastewater, oil and gas, or any remote application that needs monitoring.

Simple: Effectively gather data from your distributed assets without the large capital investment. No software purchases or maintaining of data servers is required.
Flexible: Cut ties to the control room and make your data available wherever an Internet connection exists. View remote assets via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Be notified of alarms via e-mail or text message.
Secure: Have peace of mind through protected connection, collection, storage, and retrieval of data. All data is secured through a next-generation security platform and stored on redundant servers. Retrieval of data requires user/password authentication.

Have the ability to monitor up to 8 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs from virtually anywhere via web browser.  Data can be captured historically and in real-time for each channel along with alarming over email or text message.

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