Communication Down to the Last Meter

Simplicity: Everything in IO-Link is easy. Installation is easy as users can use standard cables and male connectors. Maintenance is easy because users can monitor systems and make adjustments to settings. Using error detection on the IO-Link devices, the cause of a problem can be determined easily and quickly. If an IO-Link device must be replaced, the stored parameters are automatically copied to the IO-Link device without using a programming device. 

Increased Data Availability and Accuracy: Analog sensors without IO-Link often pass through multiple A/D conversions before data reaches the controller, which may result in errors. In IO-Link devices, there is only one A/D conversion. This increases measuring accuracy and thus the accuracy of the entire process.

Remote Configuration: Parameters of the IO-Link device can be modified from a desk by responding to status messages. In order to remedy faults, users no longer have to shut down the production line and physically access the devices.

Phoenix Contact’s IO-Link Products:

  • IO-Link master for IP20 and IP67
  • Secure and standardized I/O boxes
  • Analog converters
  • Safety relays
  • Hybrid motor starters
  • Device circuit breakers