Machine-to-Machine Portables for Remote Support

Get remote communication, globally, with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) cellular solutions from Phoenix Contact. Connect worldwide with your machines and systems.

Improve communications with Phoenix Contact’s M2M cellular solutions:

  • Efficient remote maintenance and permanent data acquisition
  • Automatic advanced warning – using an Ethernet GSM/GPRS modem and Inline Controller

When security is a major concern, Phoenix Contact makes secure remote access possible by incorporating a built-in firewall and VPN functionality. The result is absolute protection against unauthorized access to your data and systems.  Get the power of optimum remote access for every industrial application – from Phoenix Contact.

M2M portables come fully assembled with a cellular modem. Simply obtain a SIM card* to activate cellular service for AT&T or Verizon

To see how M2M can help improve your application, contact your local Kaman Automation representative today.

Kaman Automation m2m download