Kollmorgen 100 Series Stepping Motor Drive

The 100 Series provides state-of-the-art drive for one to six stepping motors. One and two axis units are housed in a compact 6.5″ wide x 5.2″ high x 8.7″ deep enclosure, while three to six axis models are supplied in a 19.0″ wide x 5.2″ high x 8.7″ deep rack mountable enclosure. Both versions include buffered, opto-isolated step and direction input lines; forced air cooling with a removable air filter; switchable 115 or 230 volt, 50/60 Hz AC operation; and locking DE-9 motor and DB-25 remote connectors. They do not include front panel manual control and limit switch inputs; the latter are presumed to reside within the external logic which generates the step and direction signals. The 100 Series is an ideal drive for the PC46/48 line of PC/compatible indexing cards. Each 100 Series translator is offered with high speed microstepping drives, capable of operating stepping motors at speeds to over 60 revolutions per second, while providing either divide by 10 or divide by 50 resolution. Each full step is subdivided into either 10 or 50 microsteps, producing 2,000 or 10,000 microsteps per revolution from standard 1.8 degree steppers. The 100 Series provides complete suppression of midrange instability and has built-in (and variable) current reduction at idle. The same DC power supply is used in all models of the 100 Series. The 19 inch rack mount models, which can drive three to six axes, employ two or three of these basic power supplies. All models allow two motor connections: full coil and half coil, which impacts supply current capabilities.