Minarik Drives

Minarik Drives XP32-12/24DC

Minarik’s XP60-12/24DC drive provides high performance at a low cost. Designed for applications running from a DC power supply or battery power input, the DC/DC XP series controls brush-type DC motors from 1/50 HP throught 2 HP. Remarkabley efficient, this DC/DC drive operates low voltage motors from 12VDC to 60VDC, up to 60 amps. Users requiring specifications outside of this range should consult the factory.

Properly rated, the XP60-12/24DC drive can operate motors from different voltage specifications. We also featuere a switch mode power supply to keep the drive logic at a level sufficient for stable operation when the incoming battery voltage sags below rated specifications. Pulse-width-modulation (PWM) circuitry in the DC/DC XP drives results in quick circuit response and a constant 1.01 form factor throughout an 80:1 speed range.

The XP60-12/24DC drive is ideal for applications using remote control and where AC power is inaccessible and is an excellent alternative to mutliple stand alone drives in AC powered machinery.