Thomson 1BA-12-AJO

AccuGlide* T-Series* Linear Ball Guides – “A” Style. Dimensional replacement for type SR TB style guides. Features universal mounting on the carriage which allows for bolt up from bottom or bolt down from top. High loads up to 25 000 N (5,620 lbf), Longer travel life. Proprietary design decreases induced loads caused by installation errors. 60% lower inertia of traveling guides in multi-axis systems. N-grade radial runout accuracy of 33 um (0.0015 in.) over a 3 m (10 ft) length. Drop-in replacement with industry-standard envelope and hole pattern. Long life/easy maintenance with two lubrication ports per carriage and full seals. Less downtime with quick-turnaround from a U.S. supplier. Low purchase price. Easy, low cost installation. T-Series is approximately 5 times more forgiving of bed preparation errors than all steel profile rail linear guides