Banner Engineering Solutions for Medical Automation

The laboratories and manufacturing floors in the medical and pharmaceutical industry require fast, accurate and reliable sensing automation equipment. From barcode reading to photoelectric object detection, to task and indicator lighting; Kaman Automation offers a full line of Banner Engineering products and the expertise to optimize operations. Benefits extend not only to bottom line results, but also impact the health and safety of customers.

High-Speed 2D Barcode Inspection with iVu Plus BCR

  • Quickly and accurately reads both 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Completely programmable without a PC
  • Ethernet, Serial and Discrete communication options
  • Sealed IP67 housing
Banner Bar Code Inspection

High-Speed Tablet Counting with Fiber Optic Arrays and DF-G2 amplifier

  • Detect small objects, down to 3 mm tablets
  • Fastest fiber-optic amplifier with a 0.01ms response speed
  • Enhanced Algorithms to compensate for dust accumulation
Banner High Speed Tablet Counting

Bottle Fill Level Detection with Q4X Analog Laser Sensor

  • Resolve down to 0.5 mm
  • Stainless Steel, IP69K housing for the most demanding environments
  • The averaging function allows to calculate an accurate fill level even with irregular shapes
  • Small laser spot size that constantly detects tablets, capsules and gel caps
Banner Bottle Fill Detector and Analog Laser Sensor

Inspecting Blister Packs for Tablet Placement, and Size with VE Smart Camera

  • The self-contained, IP67, 2MP camera inspects for missing and broken tablets
  • Export via standard industrial protocols: EthernetIP, Profinet, and ModbusTCP
  • Configure with free PC based vision manager software
  • Store up to 999 configurations on one sensor
Banner VE Series Blister Pack Pill Inspection

Track Clear Bottles, Vials and Microplates with QS18 Clear Object Sensor

  • Coaxial optics to detect clear and mirror like surfaces
  • Easy-to-use single push button teach retro-reflective sensor
  • Universal 18mm threaded, IP67 housing
Banner QS18 for Tracking Clear Bottles and Microplates

Safeguard Lean Cell Manufacturing with Banner Safety Solutions

  • Space saving EZ-Screen LP light curtain ideal for small work cells
  • Lighted E-stop for visual indication of safety status
  • The configurable XS26-2 safety controller is flexible enough to support different cell configurations
  • LED Tower Light to provide lean cell status
Banner Safety Solutions