Bodine Electric Company

Bodine 0041

Permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors and gearmotors are compact, mathematically predictable, can produce high starting torque and can be decelerated rapidly.

In a PMDC motor, speed is proportional to voltage and torque is proportional to current. When voltage is held constant, the amount that speed drops due to increasing torque is called “speed regulation”. Most Bodine permanent magnet DC motors are rated for continuous duty on 130 VDC, FF=1.05 current as supplied by Bodine type FPM and WPM controls. These motors and gearmotors can be successfully operated from unfiltered controls at FF=approximately 1.6, at speed not less than 1700 rpm. For intermittent duty operation, full nameplate torque may be available. The designers should test for each individual application.

All Bodine PMDC motors are built with Class ”F“ insulation material (155°C total) for greater torque capability. However, the performance ratings of some models in this catalog are based on Class ”B“ (130°C total) for extended life.