Bodine Electric Company

Bodine N3594

Bodine Brushless DC motors are well-suited for applications that require very high speeds, where a brush-type motor would generate a loud noise and wear out brushes very quickly. Examples include centrifuges, grinders and fans.

Because brushless DC motor speed controls rely on hall sensor feedback for speed regulation instead of back-EMF, there is only minimal speed drift as the motor warms up. This is beneficial in applications where the speed can’t deviate from its setting from the time the machine is turned on until the time it is turned off. Examples include film processors, commercial food ovens and medical pumps.

The low inertia of the brushless DC motor, coupled with the high peak torque capacity, result in a motor capable of quick accelerations and decelerations. This makes them an excellent choice in “servo” type applications where quick and precise positioning is needed. Examples include screen printing machinery, material handling equipment and office machinery.