Minarik Drives

Minarik Drives NRG02-D240AC-4Q-PCM

The NRG05-D240AC-2Q, is easy to use and at the same time, will satisfy demanding application requirements. In addition to on-board fusing to protect your motor and drive, the NRG05-D240AC-2Q will accept any AC input voltage between 90 and 260VAC at 50 or 60 Hz. With an auto-ranging power supply there are no switches to set,no settings to change. The NRG05-D240AC-2Q will also accepts any DC voltage between 80 and 340VDC (consult factory for other input voltages)

This highly efficient, near unity form factor PWM regenerative drive will increase motor performance while reducing your energy costs. MOSFET power in PWM drives switch at 16kHz, to provide fast circuit response and the constant 1.05 (pure DC is 1.00) form factor throughout the entire 100:1 speed range.

The NRG05-D240AC-2Q will work with isolated logic signals, motion controllers and programmable logic controllers. It is also compatible with Minariks popular PCM4 signal isolator and DCL600 digital controller. Contact factory for connections.