Supplied with either a MAG-GARD® motor circuit protector or a thermal magnetic circuit breaker, these combination starters are available in NEMA sizes 0-7.

For applications requiring a breaker-type combination starter, Square D provides both a thermal magnetic circuit breaker and a motor circuit protector for flexibility. The most widely used overcurrent protection devices are thermal-magnetic circuit breakers, which use bi-metals and electromagnets to provide both thermal and magnetic over-current protection. MAG-GARD motor circuit protectors are similar in construction but provide only short circuit protection. When MAG-GARD devices are used with motor starters, the adjustable instantaneous trip provides maximum motor protection based on specific amperage and application.

NEMA Circuit Breaker Combination Starter

Type S combination starters using thermal magnetic breakers carry a UL listed short circuit withstand rating from 5,000 to 30,000 amperes. If a MAG-GARD Type GJL breaker is used, withstand ratings increase to 100,000 amperes. Specific ratings and listings may vary depending on the specific combination of components used in the assembly.

Features & Benefits

Coil Voltages

AC coils are available for application on 50-60Hz. NEMA sizes 00-4 are supplied with coils that are designed to operate satisfactorily on line voltages of 85% – 110% of rated voltage. NEMA sizes 5, 6 and 7 contactors are supplied with a DC coil operated by a solid state rectifier circuit that is powered by an AC source and is designed to operate satisfactorily on line voltages of 80 to 110% of nominal control voltage.

Handle Mechanism

Includes a color-coded knob for quick and easy ON/OFF; a mechanical interlock which inhibits opening of the door when the starter is energized OR inhibits energizing the starter when the door is open; and a lockout provision for additional safety when a padlock is used.

Door Closing Mechanism

Supplied on NEMA 12 devices. Ensures door and enclosure integrity with an additional provision for padlocking.

Solid Ground Bar

Included in all enclosed starters to meet the most stringent control and conduit grounding requirements.

Wide variety of available enclosures.

Kits and accessories are available for rapid modification