MINI POWER for Distributed Automation, STEP POWER for Installation Distributors and Control Panels

  • Modular electronic housing for uniform appearance in MCR technology
  • Special voltages and variants provide flexibility
  • CONBICON plug connectors provide service-friendly connection technology


The wide-range input and international certification package make this slim power supply unit suitable for worldwide implementation. High degree of operational safety thanks to long mains buffering time, professional signaling and power reserve POWER BOOST.

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The power supply unit MINI 24DC/1.5A/EX complies with standard EN 60079-15 and may be installed within the potentially hazardous area in which category 3G electrical apparatus is necessary. The optional DIN rail connector serves for through routing the supply voltage and the data signal (per power supply unit 2 x ME 17,5 TBUS 1,5/5-ST-3,81 GN, 2709561).

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Especially compact and easy-to-use, the new MINI-DC-UPS/24 DC/2 is a combination of the power supply unit and an uninterrupted power supply in the conventional ME housing. With the 0.8 Ah or 1.3 Ah rechargeable battery modules, it secures the operation of all connected 24 V consumers both in the case of an error-free supply network and in the event of mains interferences.

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MINI DC/DC Converters

Two DC-DC 24 V/1 A converters for input voltages of 36-75 V and 10-32 V serve to adapt a 24 V load to an unregulated DC voltage, or to a DC voltage of a different voltage level.

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The compact system power supply with optional DIN rail bus connector makes it possible to supply other modules of the same system with a regulated 24 V DC voltage.

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