High-energy lightning surges invade a facility through the AC power feed. For this reason, proper surge protection development should start here. Utility-generated transients also occur here, making the possibility for severe surge events very high. Properly protecting the AC power feed sheilds a facility from the damaging effects of these transients.

Combination lightning arrestor and TVSS. Complete coordinated hybrid surge protection system in NEMA 4 enclosure.

Phoenix Contact Systemtrab


  • Protection of AC power mains from direct lightning strike energy.
  • Combination lightning arrester and TVSS. Complete coordinated hybrid over voltage protection system.
  • Discharges 50 kA of surge current as tested by the only lightning protection test standard-IEC 61024 10 S waveform. Similar to energy of 1 million amps 8 x 20 S waveform.
  • Utilizes the revolutionary Arc Chopping Spark Gap technology. Discharges complete lightning surge currents while extinguishing up to 50 kA of follow current.
  • Residual voltage below 900 volts during full surge current discharge.
  • Systems are flexible to meet any user requirement. Systems include 200 kA IC surge rated fusing with disconnect.
  • 10 year “No-Nonsense” warranty. Free replacements of any failed components.
  • UL 1449, 2nd Edition. 6D52. Figure 1.
  • COMBOTRAB with NEMA 4 enclosure and diagnostic light indication lightning test waveform (IEC 61024).
  • MOV and SAD technologies are NOT designed to address the energy