Surge protection device for 277/480 V AC Wye Configurations

Surge protection device for 277/480 V AC Wye configurations typically used as service entry protection. NEMA rated enclosure provides a monitor with surge counter, status LEDs and audible alarm with remote monitor capability. Hybrid Sine Wave Tracking provides 200 kA surge protection.

Phoenix Contact VAL-SQ

The VAL-SQ CC series offers an economical method of protecting electronic equipment in light commercial, light industrial and residential environments. It has 40,000 amps of surge current rating, and its compact design is ideal for installation in a control cabinet or directly to critical equipment.

A multi-phase SPD and noise filter, the VAL-SQ SP series protects sensitive equipment even in the worst environmental conditions. It can be installed adjacent to sub-panels or directly to sensitive equipment. It provides 80,000 or 120,000 amps of surge current rating per phase.

The VAL-SQ SE series provides maximum surge protection for the service entrance and remote locations in industrial, medical and commercial applications. Available with 120,000, 160,000 and 200,000 amp surge current ratings, it can be mounted near the circuit breaker, reducing connecting leads and improving performance.