Save Up to 75% in Energy Costs through Hybrid Technology

The Rittal Blue e+ Cooling Unit Series is the first line of cooling units with integrated heat pipes and speed-regulated refrigerant circuit. One standard model is suitable for worldwide use with all supply voltages and networks for maximum flexibility. Simple operation with touch displays and smart interfaces saves you time.

The Blue e+ uses an innovative hybrid process that relies upon two parallel cooling circuits working together, depending on temperature difference. The integral heat pipe dissipates heat from the enclosure as soon as the ambient temperature falls below the setpoint, providing passive climatization. Active climatization is achieved via the compressor’s cooling circuit with speed-controlled components for demand-based cooling. This unique inverter technology provides cooling output that is always exactly the amount needed at the time.

The e+ Principle


Save up to 75% in energy costs through speed-regulated components and heat pipe technology.


Flexibility due to multi-voltage/multi-frequency support.


Longer service life due to component-friendly constant temperature


Intuitive operation, faster information, touch display and intelligent interfaces

Passive Climate Control

Heat Pipe cooling circuit uses cold ambient air for cooling

Active Climate Control

Compressor cooling circuit with speed-controlled components

Inverter Technology

Cooling units can be used for several voltages without a transformer

Resistive Touch Display

Features a prominent status, current and preventive maintenance display. Prioritized system messages.

Quick Diagnosis with Smartphone App

Via Near Field Communication (NFC) via Smartphone App. Remote monitoring with detailed function analysis and parameter setting capabilities via RiDiag diagnosis software.