Perfect for Food & Beverage Industries

Rittal Hygienic Design Enclosures are key to the design of open processes in the food industry that ensure high productivity, no cross-contamination and optimized cleaning results.

Rittal Hygienic HD IP69K Enclosure

Silicone seal is durable, all-round external, joint-free seal that effectively prevents all gaps. It is dyed blue to clearly distinguish it from food particles. This unique silicon seal is resistant to cleaning agents but at the same time is easily replaceable on-site.

Internal hinges allow the door to be completely sealed externally without any gaps. No germs, no cross-contamination, no time-consuming or costly cleaning.

Roof angled forward 30° prevents objects from being deposited on it, is easily inspected and allows fluids to drain off rapidly.

Hygienic Design lock system prevents unauthorized access to systems and is made entirely of 316 stainless steel. Effective cleaning is ensured by the external contour.