Versatile solutions for multiple applications, Schneider Electric enclosures for PowerPact H- and J-Frame circuit breakers offer enhanced flexibility for 15 A to 250 A applications where a branch circuit disconnect with circuit protection is required. They are suitable for use as service entrance equipment and feature a neutral capacity up to 200%.

Schneider Electric Powerpact Enclosure



Provides a full line of enclosures for application of PowerPact H- and J-Frame 15 A to 250 A circuit breakers:

  • Type 1 catalog number J250S (surface mount) and J250F (flush mount)
  • IP30 rated per IEC60529 Type 3R catalog number J250R (outdoor)
  • IP43 rated per IEC60529
  • Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 5, 12 catalog number J250DS (type 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistant, watertight)
  • IP64 rated per IEC60529 Type 3R, 5, 12 catalog number J250AWK (dust tight)
  • IP64 rated per IEC60529


Designed to work with all PowerPact H- and J-Frame circuit breaker internal mounted accessories and lug options Accessibility – Features quick release cover that latches on DS (type 4X) and AWK (type 12) enclosures


  • AIC Ratings up to 125 KA @ 240 V, 65 KA @ 480 V and 25 KA @ 600 V
  • Universal North American application – cULus listed Benefits of PowerPact Circuit Breakers
  • Uniform interruption ratings (D, G, J, L) simplify selection and application of ratings
  • New and improved ratings available; L interruption level for 125 KA at 240 V
  • Complete 600 V Delta ratings: makes them suitable for any market in North America
  • Improved series ratings in enclosures