Super Bright, Modular and Customizable

The Harmony XVU tower light range offers a clean, innovative design that enhances appearance. The color-selectable indication and sound-selectable indication increase the options for machine alarms:

  • Stackable up to 5 lens units or 4 lens units and a buzzer, per tower
  • Six super bright illuminated signaling units with no bulbs to replace
  • Seven light pattern options

The Harmony XUV tower lights enable quick and flexible installation, either directly on the machine, with a 100mm pole, or with an adjustable pole. It can also be mounted upright, at an angle, or on the wall using a three-in-one flexible mounting base. The 60mm tower lights offer high-quality, true-color, bright LED modules with six color choices and a sound unit option that enable users to create a configuration best suited to their application needs.

Schneider Electric Harmony XVU Tower Lights