The I-Line power distribution panel is the most versatile on the market. It is used to feed NQOD and NF lighting and appliance panelboards. I-Line panelboards can also feed large motors and temperature control systems.


  • 600Vac, 250Vdc maximum
  • 1200 Amp main circuit breaker or main lugs
  • 1200 Amp maximum branch circuit breaker
  • UL Listed for use on systems with up to 200K max. RMS symmetrical amperes available fault current when using current limiting main or branch circuit breakers
  • Fully rated and series rated systems available
Schneider Electric I-Line Power Distribution Panelboards
  • Standard copper interior at 800A and 1200A
  • Interiors are field convertible for top or bottom feed
  • Interiors accept plug-on or bolt-on branch circuit breakers
  • Interior, front and most circuit breakers only require a screwdriver for installation
  • Dead front trim is easily installed
  • Branch circuit breaker mounting flexibility; capable of mounting a 15A circuit breaker next to or across from a 1200A circuit breaker
  • Circuit breakers on right-hand side of I-Line® bus stack completely independent of position and frame size of circuit breakers on left-hand side
  • Circuit breaker plug-on jaws have no fasteners – less time spent on installation and maintenance
  • Circuit breakers do not require any additional external mounting hardware
  • Average branch circuit breaker installation time less than one minute
  • Circuit breaker connections are “blow-on” type which draw the connector jaws together, providing a firmer grip under high level short circuit conditions
  • Circuit breakers include a push-to-trip feature to exercise the tripping mechanism
  • Well suited to rearranging circuits