Best-Ever Modularity and Flexibility, Without Compromise on Performance and Openness.

Introducing Magelis GTU – the high-performance modular HMI panel that adapts to fit your needs. Developed to deliver unmatched ease and comfort of use for the application developer and operator, the Magelis GTU features a beautiful high resolution screen for a crystal-clear view, available in 4/3 and 16/9 format, and multi-display function.

The innovative design provides a unique opportunity to create a state-of-the-art HMI configuration tailored to an application’s specific requirements, while keeping the number of references in inventory to a minimum. Just combine a panel box with a display of your choice and you have created the ideal HMI for your applications, ready to install on your machine without the need for any special tools of accessories. Your personalized Magelis GTU will provide a wealth of features for robust performance, open connectivity and secure data flow.

Schneider Electric Magelis GTU HMI