Modicon M221 PLC: The Most Complete Controller in the New Modicon Range

Embedded functionality delivers great profitability – and in the Modicon M221 it’s all standard. The Modicon M221 logic controller offers best-in-class performance with tremendous versatility, while requiring minimal installation. Designed for machines with hardwired controller architectures, the Modicon M221 is one of the fastest and most compact controllers in its class. Transfer applications from old to new control platforms and reuse existing codes, reducing development time to increase the bottom line.

Schneider Electric Modicon M221 PLC

Achieve benchmark performance while increasing profitability with the Modicon M221 through:

  • Intuitive machine programming with SoMachine Basic, ready-to-use application and function blocks
  • All the embedded features and functions needed to design and build machines more profitably
  • Flexible and scalable machine control for easy upgrades to higher performance platforms to improve efficiency
  • Connectivity everywhere via Ethernet, wireless access, web servers to simplify machine integration and maintenance