The NQ lighting panelboard has been redesigned to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Easier to install, improved availability, and greater installation flexibility all combine to make the NQ the state of the art in lighting panelboard design.

Eleven standard boxes and common trims with NF panelboards. Easier to inventory and supply from stock for our distributors. Higher probability of having the right box in stock to help the electrical contractor’s get his project started on time. Available with six circuit counts – 18, 30, 42, 54, 72 and 84. A change in the 2008 National Electric Code will eliminate the 42 circuit rule and allow a higher number of circuits in a single enclosure.

Schneider Electric NQ Lighting and Applicance Branch Circuit Panelboards

In locations that have adopted the 2008 NEC, electrical consultants and contractors will no longer have to fashion two sections panels due to the 42 circuit rule in the NEC. This will save installation time, wall space and material for the installer and building owner.

A full compliment of field installable accessories available for RTI panelboards.

  • Feed-through and sub-feed lugs
  • Sub-feed circuit breakers
  • 200% neutrals
  • Copper neutrals and grounds
  • 6”, 12” and 18” rail and deadfront extension kits

Broad range of solutions available from distributor stock to address electrical contractor’s need for improved availability of panelboards. The new RTI kits will also provide greater versatility to adapt to last minute design changes on site so that a project can stay on schedule.

“Semi-assembled” RTI kits with more visually oriented, easier to understand installation instructions.

Reduced installation time and less errors for the electrician installing the NQ panelboard resulting in improved productivity and a higher quality installation.

NQ accepts both QO® “plug-on” and QOB “bolt-on” circuit breakers.

Continued use of the industry’s best, QO and QOB circuit breakers, provides continuity and convenience for customers currently using NQOD panelboards, which NQ will eventually replace.