The PowerLogic® Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) is a device designed to measure the current, voltage, and energy consumption of up to 92 circuits (84 branch circuits, plus 8 auxiliary circuits) on a single board. It increases the board’s current monitoring capability by combining the functions of two boards into one device.

The BCPM consists of a Data Acquisition Board and four 21-unit current sensor strips and eight auxiliary inputs. The strips are mount ed on each side of the panel board along the termination points of each breaker. The conductor passes through the appropriate current sensor before terminating at the breaker. Each strip transmits the current data to the Data Acquisition Board.

Data is transmitted over an RS-485 Modbus® protocol. Each Data Acquisition Board requires two addresses, one for each set of two current sensor strips and four auxiliary inputs. Data is updated roughly once per second. As a circuit approaches the user-defi ned threshold, the BCPM activates the alarm indicators.

The BCPM is available in three model types. The BCPMA measures both current and power in the mains and branch circuits. The BCPMB measures power in the mains and current only in the branch circuits. The BCPMC measures current in the mains and branch circuits only.

Schneider Electric PowerLogic Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM)