The Enercept meter, a part of the pioneering PowerLogic® power monitoring system, simplifies installation making it much easier to include energy meters throughout an electrical distribution system. An innovative form factor (patent pending) eliminates the need for a separate meter enclosure and reduces installation cost by as much as 70%. The meter is inside the CTs, and no external PTs are required, making this a cost effective option for basic electrical metering.

Accurate “Energy Information” Reduces Costs

Electrical power constitutes a major cost of business for most commercial and industrial facilities. While in the past electrical energy was often treated as an overhead cost, today more owners are treating it like any other cost and allocating it to specific cost centers – tenants, product lines, or production areas, for example. This not only promotes better energy usage practices, it positions the owner for negotiating with deregulated utilities in the near future.

Schneider Electric PowerLogic Enercept Meter

Square D has long been a pioneer in helping customers understand the cost, quality, and reliability of their electric power. The new Enercept meter offers a solution that makes metering practical in many new applications.

Enercept meters consist of three interconnected split-core CTs with the metering and communication electronics built into one of the CT housings. Simply snap on the CTs, connect the voltage inputs and communication lines, and installation is complete. There are two versions of the Enercept meter – Basic and Enhanced. They differ only in the amount of metering information provided. The Basic meter reports power and energy only. The Enhanced version delivers 26 energy parameters, including volts, amps, power factor, and reactive power. Both versions can be connected to either three phase or single phase circuits.

PowerLogic System Compatibility

Enercept meters employ the Modbus RTU 2-wire communication protocol, and can utilize the same communication network and POWERLOGIC System Manager™ software as other POWERLOGIC devices. Data from the Enercept meters can be presented in tabular or graphical format, used for alarming and historical logging and trending, and to produce reports.

Cost-Effective Installation

  • Easy-to-install split-core CTs eliminate the need to disconnect conductors
  • Precision metering electronics and current transformers in a single package reduces the number of installed components and leads to huge labor savings
  • Smart electronics eliminate CT orientation concerns for fast, trouble-free installation High accuracy makes this meter an excellent choice for sub-metering in commercial and industrial applications
  • ±1% accuracy provides ANSI C12.1 metering accuracy
  • UL Listed, CUL Listed


  • Energy management & performance contracting
  • Submetering for commercial tenants
  • Activity based costing in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Real time power monitoring
  • Motor control center monitoring
  • Motor maintenance trending
  • Power equipment planning
  • Data for motor sizing