The Ultimate Standalone Tenant Meter

A new energy meter for the POWERLOGIC® Power Monitoring system from Square D is a cost-effective submeter solution for commercial tenant metering. The POWERLOGIC Energy Meter is easy to install and high on features that let building managers recoup their energy costs.

“This is a quantum leap advancement in submetering,” said Gary Jones, Director of the Power Monitoring Organization within Square D. “With a system accuracy of plus or minus one percent, the Energy Meter is a valuable tool for owners to capture the amount of energy that tenants are using. Armed with this information, managers can make informed decisions on how to charge tenants based on real-time consumption.”

The meter comes with an infrared download capability for a Palm OS organizer, eliminating possible transcribing errors. The high-resolution backlit LCD display provides easy-to-read energy data, diagnostics and alarms without the need for applying multipliers. The submeter has a local display and optional MODBUS® protocol communication board, allowing it to be used as a standalone meter or tie into a monitoring system.

A unique factory-assembled, split-core CT design eliminates the need to remove electrical conductors, vastly reducing installation time. The POWERLOGIC Energy Meter automatically detects and corrects for phase reversal, eliminating the need to be concerned with CT load orientation during installation. CTs and voltage terminals are color-coded, further simplifying installation with easy matching.

Schneider Electric PowerLogic Energy Meter

The meter has +/-1% system accuracy from 2 percent to 100 percent of the CT rating, which meets ANSI c12.1 metering accuracy standards. It is available in two models: the basic model (240V) and the extended range model (600V).


The PowerLogic® Energy Meter combines highly accurate industrial grade split-core CTs and precision microprocessor based metering electronics to provide exceptional metering accuracy and greatly reduce the total metering system installed cost. The accuracy of the Energy Meter is plus or minus one percent of reading from two percent (2A with a 100 A CT) to one hundred percent of the current rating of the CT.

If equipped with a communications board and connected to a PowerLogic® or MODBUS control/data acquisition system, the Energy Meter reports energy and power diagnostics variables such as kWh, kW, PF, kVAR, Volts, and amperes.


Meter Display – The meter display provides valuable installation diagnostics. If the meter is installed and the CTs and voltage leads are not properly matched, the display gives the installer feedback as to what is wrong. The PowerLogic® Energy Meter comes in two different models: Basic and Extended Range.

Basic model – The Basic model is a display meter designed for direct monitoring of 240/120 V single phase two wire and three wire services and 208Y/120 V three phase four wire services and is ideal for stand-alone metering applications. The standard IR communications port and Palm OS organizer compatibility provides a simple way to accurately acquire and report energy information. Information stored in the organizer can be synched to a PC in text format, which can easily be imported into applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Extended Range – The Extended Range model provides an extended input voltage range for single to three phase wye connected services (120-480 Vac, auto-ranging), a pulse output for easy integration with control systems, and a phase loss output to help protect equipment.