Providing high accuracy metering with a wide range of capabilities, the PowerLogic® ION8600 meter is the most advanced socket-based energy and power quality meter. Used to monitor network inter-ties, substations, and service entrances, the PowerLogic ION8600 meter is ideal for applications that need to accurately measure energy bidirectionally in all four quadrants. These meters give utilities the tools to manage complex energy supply contracts that include commitments to power quality. Integrate them with PowerLogic® ION Enterprise® software, or other energy management and SCADA systems, through multiple communication channels and protocols.


Multiple socket and switchboard form factors Meter is available in socket or switchboard form factors. The FT21 switchboard case option provides all the benefits of the socket meters in a compact, switchboard mount, draw-out configuration. A quick disconnect system enables removal of the meter electronics in one easy action without having to manually disconnect wires, including I/O wiring.

Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION8600 Intelligent Metering & Control Device

High Accuracy Measurement

Meets stringent ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 and IEC 62053-22 Class 0,2S measurement accuracy standards. One second loss calculation and error correction capabilities establish system losses and correct for measurement errors in real time.

Power Quality Compliance Monitoring

Measure compliance to the following international quality-of-supply standards: EN50160, IEEE 519, IEEE 1159, ITI (CBEMA) > Trust the quality of the results because compliance calculations are based on the following international measurement standards: IEC 61000-4-7, IEC 61000-4-15 >

Power Quality Analysis

Digital fault-recording capabilities simultaneously capture voltage and current channels for sub-cycle disturbance transients as well as multi-cycle sags/dips, swells and outages.

Complete communications: Fiber – Ethernet – Serial – Modem

Fiber • Ethernet • Serial • Modem

Gateway functionality simplifies communications architecture and reduces leased line or connection costs. Concurrent, independent ports communicate with a variety of protocols such as ION, DNP 3.0, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus Master (serial, TCP) and MV-90.

Transformer/Line Loss Compensation

Automatically measure, compensate and correct for transformer or line losses when meter is physically separated from billing point or change of ownership location.

Multi-User, Multi-Level Security

Control and customize access to sensitive data for up to 16 users. Password protection and anti-tamper seal protection enhance meter security. Advanced security functions for automatic detection, recording and annunciation of: PT or CT phase loss due to transformer wiring > tampering or transformer failure PT or CT phase reversal tampering or > installation error Peak demand register resets > Meter power up/down >

Patented ION® technology

Modular, flexible architecture that offers extensive user programmability. Uniquely addresses complex monitoring and control applications. Adapts to changing needs and new applications.