The PM700 series meter offers outstanding quality, versatility, and functionality in a cost-effective, ultra-compact unit. The meter is simple to use and offers a large, bright LCD display for superior readability even in extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles. An ideal replacement for analog meters, PM700 series meters can be used for stand-alone metering in custom panels, switchboards, switchgear, gensets, motor control centers, and UPS systems.

Complete with power, demand, energy, power factor, and frequency measurements, PM700 series meters are available in a variety of flexible configurations and have IEC62053-21 Class-1 and IEC62053-22 Class 0.5S (PM750 only) certification for basic sub-billing or cost allocation. The PM700 series meters are available in the following two versions:

  • PM710: basic plus one RS 485 port (Modbus)
  • PM750: basic plus an RS 485, two digital inputs, one digital output, and 15 user configurable alarms
Schneider Electric PowerLogic PM710/PM750 Meters

Applications Summary

Cost-Effective Metering

Easily mounted without tools (just two clips) and with a mounting depth of only 50mm, these cost effective and highly accurate power meters are ideal for OEMs and panel builders. The meters support direct connection up to 480 V AC Ph-Ph and seamlessly integrate with PowerLogic® energy management systems. Their high-accuracy power, energy, and demand measurements can be used for bill verification, monitoring backup power for critical systems, and cost effective energy management solutions.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Get early warning of impending problems that could lead to equipment malfunctions or downtime. Diagnose and isolate the cause of power- related equipment or process problems. The PM750 features 15 user- configurable alarms for the most prevelant over and under conditions common in most power systems. Combine any of the PM750’s I/Os with these alarms and communicate through its 2-wire RS-485 port for remote monitoring and control capabilities for greater control over the performance and overall health of your systems. Perfect for demand control applications.

Sub-Billing & Cost Allocation

Perfect for monitoring right down to the tool level, the PM700 series meters can help monitor cost centers, identify opportunities for demand control, and check energy consumption patterns.

Features summary


  • Simple retrofit
  • Low initial investment

Ease of Use

  • Fast setup via display or software
  • Compatible with entry-level PowerView™ software
  • Bright, easy to read LCD display

High-Accuracy Metering

  • PM710: Real Energy IEC 62053-21 ANSI C12.16. 1.0 Accuracy Class
  • PM750 – Real Energy IEC 62053-22 ANSI C12.20. 0.5 Accuracy Class


  • RS-485 port (PM710, PM750)
  • Modbus® protocol for integration with energy management systems

Energy Management Systems

Modbus compatible, ready to use with PowerLogic® PowerView™ and System Manager Software, Tenant Metering Software (TMS) and PowerLogic® ION® Enterprise Software

Pulse Outputs

1 output (PM750) for kWh-pulsing, alarm status, or external controlled output

Pulse Inputs

2 inputs (PM750) for status, alarms or demand input synchronization

Patented Technology

An architecture that uniquely addresses monitoring and control applications