Give Your Motor Starters a Sixth Sense!

TeSys T is an advanced and green motor management system. Used with a short circuit protection and a contactor, TeSys T will provide full motor monitoring, control and protection for electrical motors. TeSys T has been designed for the management of Critical Processes for applications such as Water Wastewater, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Reduce downtime and save energy with the TeSys T exclusive predictive capability and full sets of intuitive & easy to use commissioning tools.

Schneider Electric TeSys T


TeSys T is a flexible Motor Management System thanks to its 5 communication protocols (Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet Modbus TCP). Those 5 communication protocols will allow TeSys T to be integrated seamlessly in your automation systems. TeSys T is also fully integrated in the Advantys™ STB solution and therefore open to Ethernet IP communication.

  • With only 3 product references, TeSys T covers a current range from 0.4A to 1000A. For current above 100A, the use of external Current Transformers is required. This flexible wide current range allows you to reduce your inventory levels significantly. TeSys T has been designed to fit in IEC and NEMA applications
  • TeSys T is a flexible Motor Management System thanks to its advanced control schemes. No less than 10 predefined control schemes are integrated in TeSys T. For more flexibility, TeSys T can be controlled through its terminal strip, through an HMI or its communication port. Having a central control in TeSys T will reduce the complexity of your installation, reduce the need of auxiliary equipment, save space and reduce costs.
  • Finally TeSys T is a flexible Motor Management System thanks to its commissioning options. Powersuite, a very intuitive PC based software, a user’ s friendly graphic HMI or PLCs can be used to fully commission TeSys T. Device Function Blocks are available for some PLC platforms to simplify installation.

Thanks to its great flexibility TeSys T, is a product of choice for new projects and for retrofit opportunities. TeSys T is also fully integrated into the Model 6 iMCC (shown at right).

Schneider Electric TeSys T Integration


  • TeSys T is quickly becoming a worldwide standard thanks to its flexibility. Lots of customers in Metal/Mining/Mineral, Oil&Gas, Water/WasteWater and other types of applications trusted TeSys T to deliver.
  • TeSys T is highly reliable and has a very long product life thanks to a state-of-the-art component selection, to the all in one design and to the advanced electronic protection. TeSys T can be integrated in many different types of harsh environment such as dusty atmospheres, marine applications, high vibration applications and corrosive atmospheres. This very high reliability will reduce machinery downtime and dramatically increase productivity.
  • TeSys T is fitted with removal terminal blocks which simplifies the maintenance tasks. The TeSys T Ethernet version enjoys a wide range of services which will make maintenance tasks even easier. Click here to see how the Daisy Chain Loop and the Faulty Device Replacement (FDR) will simplify maintenance tasks. (you will need to save this exe. file – If you are downloading to a disk, you must have a formatted, blank disk. If you are downloading to your hard disk drive, create a new folder where you can temporarily copy the file and open it. Remember – you can delete it later if you wish).

Prediction and Energy Management

  • TeSys T is able to accurately monitor Current, Voltage and Power over a wide range and features advanced protection and warning functions. The accurate monitoring allows TeSys T to detect very small drifts in current, voltage or power which is key for an effective preventive maintenance. The advanced protection and warning functions will allow TeSys T to predict process shutdowns and manage processes more efficiently.
  • TeSys T brings to applications and processes a full sense of Prediction thanks to its powerful customization capabilities. Custom Logic capabilities in TeSys T help to fine tune monitoring and protection needs in order to ensure a perfect fit with any type of processes.
  • The power monitoring capabilities makes TeSys T a Green Motor Management System because it can help to better manage energy consumption. TeSys T is fully integrated in Powerlogic systems to fully utilized its Power and Energy Monitoring capabilities.
  • All of these great advanced monitoring, protection and energy management features will dramatically increase process availability (less downtime) and reduce operation costs.

Offer Composition

  • The main controller provides communication features, current based protection, monitoring, statistics and control features
  • The optional extension model adds voltage, power and energy monitoring/management features
  • The HMI is a flexible option to quickly monitor and commission a TeSys T system. Control features are also available through the HMI.