TeSys U is a Self Protected Combination Motor Starter simple to choose, to install and to use. TeSys U consists of a control unit snapped in a power base and integrates a short circuit protection, an overload relay and a contactor. TeSys U is NEMA rated.

Schneider Electric TeSys U
  • TeSys U is a Self Protected Combination Motor Starter simple to choose, to install and to use. There is only one base unit rated up to NEMA Size 1. For IEC ratings, two base units are available (12A and 32A). Just a few control units cover a wide range of overload current protection and control voltage. Thanks to this, your inventory will be reduced by a factor of 4 comparing TeSys U to a traditional NEMA motor starter solution.
  • TeSys U, a best-in-class for ease and speed of wiring, can save you 40% in installation time compare to a more traditional motor starter solution. Click here to see how TeSys U simplifies wiring. Savings in installation time means that you will save money for your operation.
  • TeSys U is modular with its power base and its control unit you can plug in. You can wait the very last minute to select your control unit and plug it in the power base. This is a great benefit and provides you with a lot of flexibility so that you can save money while commissioning your system.
  • TeSys U enjoys a very robust construction thanks to a state of the art design and thanks to a state of the art manufacturing process. TeSys U is highly reliable and has a very long product life thanks to a simplified and optimized architecture.
  • TeSys U can be used in many different types of harsh environments such as in dusty atmospheres, in marine applications, in applications with high vibration and in corrosive atmospheres.
  • The TeSys U behavior under short circuit is outstanding. TeSys U is UL508E certified and rated 65kA 480V. Your process downtime will be reduced dramatically thanks to the non welding contact after a short circuit event.

Everyone today is concerned by energy cost. TeSys U dissipates 75% less energy compare to traditional motor starters. This is achieved by the reduced number of power contacts and by the very low energy consumption of the control circuit.

  • TeSys U is the Most Compact Self Protected Motor Starter Worldwide. You can save up to 40% space compare to a traditional motor solution.
  • To extend the already outstanding short circuit performance of TeSys U, an optional current limiter can be added to increase the short circuit rating to 130kA. TeSys U can also be used to control reverser application by using the flexible reverser module.
  • Communication modules are available but are optional. If you need communication in your application, TeSys U will seamlessly integrate into most of the automation systems with the support of 5 Field Buses: Modbus, ASi, Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen. TeSys U is also fully integrated into the Advantys™ STB solution.
  • The use of the multifunction control unit and advanced option modules will open the door to predictive maintenance. Advanced monitoring and advanced protection functions will be available for your critical processes.