Need a fast, simple and reliable sensor solution to integrate into your conveyor systems?

Optimized Installation & Maintenance
OsiSense XUY roller conveyor sensors are simple and fast without settings, alignment or environment teaching. They also have optimized mounting and don’t require additional brackets or reflectors.

Full Conveyor Width Detection
No background or foreground limitations (especially for locations that use high-visibility jackets) while detection is effective on the full width of the conveyor.

Shock & Vibration Protection Reduces Operation Costs
Embedding the sensor within the conveyor frame eliminates the need for brackets and reflectors, simplifies installation and reduces maintenance time.

Telemecanique Osisense XUY Sensors

Telemecanique Sensors: A Complete Range of Sensing Solutions

  • Enables an emergency stop to be signaled at any point along a cable up to 165 feet
  • Simple to operate and install
  • Provides emergency stop (where switch actuation locks the contacts in the open position and requires manual reset) or normal stop operation, for momentary system stoppage
  • Meet all the requirements of ISO 13850, relating to emergency stop cable pull switches, and meet North American standards as well
Telemecanique Cable Pull Switches
  • Detection of objects irrespective of material or conductivity
  • Ideal for sensing non-metal objects for level control of fluids and granular material
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted to detect bulk materials or a liquid level “through” another object
Telemecanique Capacitive Sensors
  • Pre-wired connectors: for easy connection of sensors with connectors to terminal blocks or PLC inputs
  • Connectors: for connecting a cable of usable length to a sensor with connectors
  • Jumper cables: for connecting sensors with connectors to splitter blocks
  • Connector adaptors: transform a sensor with terminals into a sensor with connectors
  • Popular sized connectors M8, M12, 1/2”, 7/8”
Telemecanique Connectivity Sensors
  • Incremental and absolute products
  • Configurable models provide ease of selection with adjustable resolution and a 1 to 16 multiplication factor
  • Push-pull 5 to 30 V wide range output
  • Simplified installation using M23 connection and market standard compatible mountings
  • Mechanical flexibility using modular solid or hollow shafts up to 15 mm
  • High performance, up to 25 bits & up to 8,000 pts per rev
  • CANopen and Profibus-DP full compatibility
Telemecanique Encoders
  • Comprehensive range provides versatile solutions for a wide variety of fluid control applications
  • Conforms to IEC standards, and are globally recognized and accepted
  • User-friendly electronic transmitters and switches offer robust, accurate, reliable and cost effective pressure measurement
  • Very compact designs provide easy installation and reduce mounting space
Telemecanique IEC Fluid Control Sensors
  • Meet IEC standards and are accepted globally
  • Meet domestic and other international standards including NEMA, UL, CSA, VDE and more
  • Miniature, compact, and industrial switches for general, medium and heavy-duty applications
  • Variety of operating heads, contact configurations and lever arms
  • Versions for automated applications, safety, and environments with shock and vibration
Telemecanique IEC Limit Switches
  • One of the most complete product lines available
  • Standard cylindrical forms: M8, 12, 18, 30
  • Standard Rectangular and flat forms
  • Top quality enclosures up to IP69K rating
  • Available in standard and increased sensing range
  • Constructed for durability in harsh environments
  • New one-piece 303/316L stainless steel and WFI proximity sensors
Telemecanique Inductive Sensors
  • Provide point of operation protection around industrial machinery or guarding of large areas without the need for gates or guards
  • Ideal for safeguarding larger areas without impeding visibility or easy access to the machine
  • XUSL4E and XUSL2E light curtains feature either 14 mm or 30 mm MOS with a slim design for spatially challenged locations
Light Curtains
  • The trusted, reliable and rugged Square D brand
  • Time-proven performance
  • Square DTM brand pressure, vacuum, and float switches meet most domestic and international standards, including NEMA, UL, CSA and CE
  • Simple installation and rugged design suitable for demanding applications and environments
  • Broad range of options and accessories
Telemecanique NEMA Fluid Control Sensors
  • Our proven line of 9007C limit switches can withstand heavy-industry demands
  • Rugged and Dependable, our switches are built with unparalleled quality
  • Available in Standard Industrial Heavy Duty, Miniature potted and Severe Duty Enclosures
  • With a broad range of options and accessories our NEMA line provides virtually unparalleled flexibility
NEMA Limit Switches
  • For use when no contact is desired between the switch and its actuating key
  • Suitable for all safety circuits, these tamper-resistant interlocks tolerate door or guard misalignment without placing operating forces on gates or doors
  • Feature multiple mounting options for maximum flexibility
  • Small, sealed and ideal for confined spaces or washdown applications.
Telemecanique Non-Contact Safety Interlock Switches
  • Available in thru-beam, polarized retroflective, proximity diffuse and diffuse with background suppression
  • Multi-mode sensors that can switch between modes
  • Application specific sensors for transparent material detection, label sensing, distance measurement, color mark reading, color detection and much more
  • Cost-effective and easy to install Fork Sensors
  • Vision sensor to assist quality control
Telemecanique Photoelectric Sensors
  • Enables object traceability, identification (tracking) and access controls
  • Compatible with other manufacturer RFID components using 13.56 Mhz frequency components, including tags
  • Automatic setting of speed, format, parity, & protocol communication parameters
  • Network connection boxes that support Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP and Profibus-DP PLC
Telemecanique RFID Sensors
  • Protects personnel by verifying that doors, gates and guards are closed before a process can start
  • Minimize accidents by removing the actuating key and sending a stop signal to the safety circuit when the guard or gate is open
  • Simple to install and configure, feature metal or plastic bodies and can be used with an assortment of actuating keys meeting domestic and international standards
Safety Interlock Switches
  • Protects personnel in guarding applications where contact with the guard is required
  • Featuring positive opening contact operation and tamper resistant Mounting
  • Interrupt machine or control processes when the switch plunger or lever is deflected by the sliding action of the guard or other object
  • Available in miniature or compact with either plastic or metal bodies
Telemecanique Safety Limit Switches
  • Industry leading technology
  • Uses sound to detect objects, control level or provide analog output signal for continuous monitoring
  • Non-contact with materials in the sensing environment
  • Immune to changing light conditions, colors, dust or splashing materials or liquids
Telemecanique Ultrasonic Sensors