Thomson BN3712L

Thomson ball screws outperform other actuation methods.

Compared to bulky, noisy and expensive hydraulic or pneumatic actuator systems, Thomson ball screws and lead screws are compact, quiet and very affordable. In addition, there’s no need for pumps, hoses, fluids or shop air. This eliminates fire, safety and health hazards due to leaking fluid or other contaminants typically associated with these types of actuation methods.

Belt, cable and chain-drive mechanisms are relatively inexpensive. However, they aren’t as precise, repeatable or as safe to use as ball screws and lead screws. Their failure mode is either excessive wear or stretching, resulting in positioning inaccuracies during operation. These types of systems also have low load capacities.

Rack and pinion gear systems can be made to close tolerances, but lose precision as they wear and don’t function as smoothly as ball screws, even when new. Because the force is supported by a few pinion teeth at any given time, the system also is limited in terms of load capacity. Offset cam rollers rely on the tractive force between the rollers and the shaft to create linear motion and therefore can handle only moderate loads. The higher the load, the more likely it is that the system will slip, reducing repeatability.

In summary, when compared to other types of mechanical actuation methods, Thomson ball screws and lead screws provide the most costeffective combination of speed, accuracy, efficiency, repeatability, quiet operation, lubrication retention, load capacity and compactness.

Thomson precision ball screw and lead screw assemblies are the first choice in precise, reliable, cost-effective linear actuation.

Thomson lead screws excel in applications which require the “just right” solution. They are easily customized to provide compact, quiet and accurate positioning in light to medium load applications. Materials are inert as a standard and allow use in applications ranging from clean room to marine. Best of all, the value is high as you don’t pay for processes and features not required in your application.