Thomson Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings Offer High Performance and Superior Design

Which linear Ball Bushing bearing is the right fit for your machine design?

Precision Steel Ball Bushing bearings offer great improvements in efficiency, productivity and accuracy over high-friction, plain bearings flat-ways. The all-steel design makes the bearing product line perfect for replacing plain bearings in high-temperature applications. Rigid construction makes them durable compared to ball bushing bearings with polymer components. When installed in a standard Thomson pillow block, the Precision Steel Ball Bushing bearing can self-align up to 3° in all directions.

The Super Ball Bushing bearing has been the industry standard for self-aligning linear bearings for more than 20 years. This bearing provides three times the load capacity or 27 times the travel life of conventional linear bearings. Besides the dramatic increase in load capacity, the Super Ball Bushing bearing is self-aligning, lightweight and adjustable with a low coefficient of friction. It is a quick and easy replacement for high-friction plain bearings. The wear-resistant, engineered-polymer retainers and outer sleeves reduce inertia and noise in critical, high-speed applications.

The Super Smart Ball Bushing bearing represents a major advancement in linear bearing technology worldwide. These patented and universally self-aligning bearings offer twice the load capacity or eight times the travel life of our industry standard Super Ball Bushing bearing. To minimize installation time and cost, the Super Smart Ball Bushing bearing can be ordered factory-installed in an industry standard single or twin pillow block.

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