Yaskawa CIMR-V7NU25P51

The V7N is a general purpose, AC motor drive for facilities using DeviceNet communications. This drive provides amazing performance in a small package, and at significant cost benefit compared to drives that use optional plug-in interface cards. The V7N was created by embedding DeviceNet into the control card of the highly successful V7 drive.

The V7N provides low motor noise and high starting torque. Two control methods are provided – V/f and Open Loop Vector control for precise speed regulation. Open Loop Vector control also provides higher torque at low speed. The V7N is designed for constant torque applications, with current overload rating of 150% for 60 seconds.

The digital operator provides a 4-digit LED status display with a built-in analog speed potentiometer, as well as digital programming of almost 200 parameters. The V7N includes 3 multi-function DeviceNet inputs, four multi-function digital inputs, an analog input, a multi-function DeviceNet output and two multi-function open collector outputs.

The embedded DeviceNet allows 64 network nodes. It includes programmable MAC ID and baud rate. The V7N supports drive type profiles with flash capability for easy software upgrades. Network status LEDs are visible through the cover and a plugable connector simplifies wiring.

One of the outstanding options for the V7N is DriveWizard. This software tool is used for online and offline configuration, monitoring, and archiving to a personal data assistant or PC. CASE is another software that can add functionality to the drive by reconfiguring drive defaults, establishing presets for OEM equipment, and by eliminating peripheral controls and PLCs.

This V7N with DeviceNet is provided in a NEMA 1 enclosure from 1/8 to 10 HP at 230 VAC and 1/2 to 10 HP at 460 VAC.

The V7N is ideally suited for applications such as conveyors, grinders, centrifuges, pumps, fans, machine tools, packaging, food processing, automotive assembly, and textiles.

V7N is the perfect choice wherever high performance, small size, and DeviceNet Communication are required.

(The V7 drives family includes the basic V7 and the V74X. Both offer various network communications via optional plug-in interface cards.)