Rittal Hygienic Design Enclosures

Rittal Hygienic Design Encosure - Stop Water from Spoiling Your Day

Rittal understands the challenges of meeting food safety compliance and keeping operations running at peak performance. The Rittal Hygienic Design solutions deliver full protection from caustic wash-downs and thermal management to keep vital equipment running.

When water gets inside control enclosures during wash-down processes, it can create a number of problems such as bacterial contamination, electrical problems, as well as damage to gaskets/ seals costing production loss and unplanned downtime.

Construction and materials

  • Blue Silicone Rubber Seal – makes door water tight and stands up to aggressive cleaning agents
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • All surfaces designed to shed water including locks and fasteners


  • UL Listed Type 4X
  • IP66 to IEC 60 529
  • IP69K to DIN 40 050-9

Decrease Cleaning Times

Eliminate unnecessary maintenance and repair costs as well as reduce downtime with easy to clean, easy to inspect Hygienic Design enclosures from Rittal. Speak to your Kaman Automation representative and stop water from spoiling your day.