Mastering Machine Access Control with Schneider Electric

Protect access to your operators and equipment, while lowering costs. Using fingerprint recognition, the Harmony biometric switch from Schneider Electric is an innovative, stand-alone solution that protects your equipment from unauthorized use at a price well below competitive products.

The biometric switches are designed to control and secure access to systems and machines by checking users’ authorization through the fingerprint recognition. Simple and efficient, it enables you to restrict access to sensitive areas and machine functions – including, start-up, adjustments, and maintenance – to only authorized personnel.

Specialized and Secure Technology
• Efficient protection against theft, forgery, loss and ID sharing (as opposed to keys, badges, codes and passwords, etc.)
• Possibility of falsification is greatly reduced due to uniqueness of fingerprint
• Very low error and rejection rate
• Authentication safeguards; registration managed by the administrator.