Accelerate Digital Transformation in a More Electric World

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s IoT enabled, plug-and-play, interoperable architecture and platform. Innovation at every level from connected products to edge control, and apps, analytics and services. The digital backbone connecting best-in-class operational technology (OT) solutions with the latest in IT technology to unlock trapped value in your operations and leverage the true potential of the Internet of Things.

EcoStruxure Key Benefits:
•Greater operational performance- Reduced downtime, increased asset life, and a consistent experience with an optimized maintenance plan.
•Increased safety- Better security of assets and personnel with early equipment failure warnings.
•Financial efficiency- Reduced failure risk as well as optimized ownership and maintenance costs thanks to new asset insight.


The EcoStruxure platform from Schneider Electric provides connectivity like never before. Ask your Kaman Automation representative for more information today.