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In-plant electrical and automation upgrade services
Kaman Automation and Schneider Electric

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There is a constant need to update and replace critical electrical and automation systems in a modern manufacturing facility. These projects can range from simple PLC upgrades, to extensive power monitoring systems. It is difficult for a facility manager to internally maintain all the resources required to complete these projects. That’s why the partnership of Kaman Automation and Schneider Electric upgrade services is so important.

Together, Kaman Automation and Schneider Electric have local resources available to support your facility and act as a natural extension to your internal resources. We have application specialists who can support your team on startup for a drive replacement, helping you choose the right component, install and program it correctly, and measure the improvement. We also have certified technicians and engineers who can be contracted for larger jobs, like breaker retrofits, power monitoring, and full facility upgrades. In every case we are going to bring the latest Schneider technology to your fingertips, making your facility safer, more efficient and more competitive.

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