Vision Intelligence in All Dimensions

Looking to improve your 3D vision inspection applications? It’s never been easier with SICK’s 3D vision inspection systems. These cameras provide 3D laser triangulation that can help to overcome many challenges related to low contrast and poor lighting.
SICK’s 3D vision series offers a wide range of powerful and flexible products designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. They range from versatile high-speed cameras that deliver high quality 3D and contrast images to smart and configurable stand-alone sensors that facilitate rapid development and easy integration. The scalability ensures a perfect fit with your 3D vision application.
With a variety of machine vision sensors from SICK, this technology can seamlessly be dropped into any industrial automation application like part positioning, inspection, measurement, and reading. Get reliable 3D vision inspection, even when part color, position, and height varies, as well as embedded image analysis for fast configuration in inspection applications.