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Advantech’s corporate vision is to enable an intelligent planet. The company is a global leader in the fields of IoT intelligent systems and embedded platforms. To embrace the trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech promotes IoT hardware and software solutions with the Edge Intelligence WISE-PaaS core to assist business partners and clients in connecting their industrial chains. Advantech is also working with business partners to co-create business ecosystems that accelerate the goal of industrial intelligence.

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Kaman Automation TPC PPC family

HMI’s, Panel PC

Kaman Automation Panels family

Panel Displays

Kaman Automation ADAM series

Remote I/O and Wireless Sensing. Ethernet IP Modules

Kaman Automation UNO 2271G

Remote I/O and Wireless Sensing. Ethernet IP Modules

Kaman Automation noimage

Rack mount Industrial PC’s

Kaman Automation noimage

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Kaman Automation noimage

Embedded Automation Computers

Top Products

Kaman Automation UNO 2484G

Digital I/O

Kaman Automation UNO 2271G

Industrial PC’s

Kaman Automation UNO 1372G

Embedded Automation Computers

Kaman Automation TPC 1881WP

Human Machine Interface Control Panels (HMI’s)

Kaman Automation Linear Actuator

SmartMotor™-driven linear actuators

Kaman Automation Rotary Actuator

SmartMotor™-driven rotary actuators

Kaman Automation SL17 SmartMotor

Class 6 Low-Cost SmartMotor™ integrated servo

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