Founded in 1960, Bison Gear & Engineering Corporation designs and manufactures fractional and integral horsepower electric motors, gearmotors and gear reducers used in industrial and commercial OEM applications worldwide. From ice and beverage dispensers to security gates and conveyors, Bison has maintained a reputation for providing cost-effective power transmission solutions to its customers.

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Hollow Shaft Offset Gearmotor

Washdown Gearmotors -SaniMotor 


Gear Reducers

Washdown Duty Sanimotor Gearmotors 

AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors 

Right- Angle  Gearmotors 

Inverter Duty AC Gearmotors

Hollow Shaft Offset Gearmotors

Top Products

DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotor




562 Series Offset Gearmotor 

3 Phase Inverter Washdown Sanimotor  

AC Inverter  (VFD Drive)

700 Series AC Gearmotor

750 Series Right Angle                                        PMDC Gearmotor

PowerStar 730 Series Right Angle                      Hypoid Gearmotor

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