Bodine Electric Company

Bodine Electric Company offers over 1,200 standard products, and thousands of custom designed gearmotors, motors and motion controls (fixed and variable speed AC, brushless DC, and permanent magnet DC). Bodine products are known for their reliability, long life and competitive prices. Bodine gearmotors and motors are designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications such as medical and lab equipment, packaging and labeling machines, food processing, factory automation, farm equipment, and a wide range of low-voltage applications for solar, battery or off-grid operation.  Bodine’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001.

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Fractional Horsepower Gear Motor

Bodine AC Inverter Duty Motor

AC Three-Phase Inverter Duty Gearmotors

PMDC Gearmotors

BLDC (EC) Gearmotors

Bodine AC Inverter Duty Motor

Variable Speed Gearmotors

Bodine AC Motor

AC Induction Gearmotors and Motors

PMDC Gearmotors and Motors

Brushless DC Gearmotors and Motors

Bodine AC Parallel Shaft Motor

Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

Right-Angle Gearmotors

Planetary Gearmotors (PMDC & BLDC)

Top Products

Inverter Duty Gearmotors (3-ph, 230/460VAC)

Class I / Division 2 34B/SR-WX Brushless DC gearmotors

Hollow Shaft Gearmotors (AC 3-Ph and PMDC)

Variable Speed PMDC and BLDC Gearmotors

INTEGRAmotor gearmotors with built-in control and feedback

Low-Voltage PMDC and BLDC Gearmotors for Solar and Mobile Apps

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