Nidec Control Techniques

Control Techniques has been at the front of customer-focused AC and DC variable speed drives, servo drive technologies for commercial and industrial applications for over 40 years. Control Techniques has a single-minded focus on the design and manufacture of variable speed drives.

Control Techniques has been creating groundbreaking technology since introducing the first digital DC drive over thirty years ago. Control Techniques’ innovative products are used in the most demanding applications requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Control Techniques combines extensive industry experience, modular drive design, powerful technology and advanced toolkits to provide complete industrial automation solutions.

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Kaman Automation Servo motors 1

AC, DC and Servo Motors

Kaman Automation Servo drives family 1

AC, DC Controls and Servo Drives

Kaman Automation Motion Machine family 1

Motion and Machine Control

Kaman Automation Mentor DC Drives family 1

Soft Starters

Kaman Automation DigistarD2D3 Soft Starters family 2

A title

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Kaman Automation Unidrive AC drives family 1

A title

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Top Products

Kaman Automation DigitaxST family2 1

Digitax ST Servo Drives

Kaman Automation DigistarD2D3 Soft Starters family 3

Digistart D2 & D3 Soft Starters

Kaman Automation Unimotor hd family 1

Unimotor hd Servo Motors

Kaman Automation Unimotor fm family 1

Unimotor fm Servo Motors

Kaman Automation UnidriveM400Family 1

Unidrive M400Fa

Kaman Automation UnidriveM300Family 1

Unidrive M300Fa

Kaman Automation UnidriveM200Family 1

Unidrive M200Fa

Kaman Automation UnidriveM100Family 1

Unidrive M100Fa

Kaman Automation MCz200 600 combo 1

MCz200/600 Combo

Kaman Automation QuantumMP fs02 1

Quantum MP

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