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Moog’s high-performance systems control military and commercial aircraft, satellites and space vehicles, launch vehicles, missiles, industrial machinery, wind energy, marine applications, and medical equipment.

Moog Animatics offers the most advanced highly integrated automation solutions in the industry. Starting with the SmartMotor™, the world’s first fully integrated servo system, and extending through a large variety of I/O, full machine control, software, and integrated actuator products, Moog Animatics offers total solutions with a much smaller footprint, a lower total cost and a simplicity that reduces  machine development and build time – getting customers to market faster. Welcome to Moog Animatics, When Performance Really Matters®.


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Top Products

Kaman Automation Class5 Dstlye motor

Class 5 D-Style SmartMotor™ integrated servos

Kaman Automation Class5 Mstyle motor

Class 5 M-Style SmartMotor™ integrated servos

Kaman Automation Class6 IndEth Motor

Class 6 Industrial Ethernet SmartMotor™ integrated servos

Kaman Automation Gearheads

Planetary Gearheads

Kaman Automation Linear Actuator

SmartMotor™-driven linear actuators

Kaman Automation Rotary Actuator

SmartMotor™-driven rotary actuators

Kaman Automation SL17 SmartMotor

Class 6 Low-Cost SmartMotor™ integrated servo

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