IO-Link Technology from Turck

IO-Link is a point-to-point communication protocol between a field device like a sensor, actuator or I/O hub and an IO-link master. The primary goal of IO-Link is to improve sensor or field-level device communication capabilities through a standard interface. Engineers can implement IO-Link to improve essential functions such as data processing.

Key Features:

  • Parameter Storage: when a replacement device connects to the system, IO-Link automatically uploads the correct parameters for easy installation and programming.
  • Device Verification: when a device is replaced, IO-Link is able to verify that the replacement is the correct product.
  • Advanced Sensor Diagnostics: allows engineers to read additional information regarding history and health of a sensor in an application.
  • Acylic Read/Write Parameter Access: since IO-Link is a digital communication interface, it offers the ability to read and write parameters from upper-level fieldbus devices, such as the PLC.
  • Application Specific Tags: gives users the ability to read and write a string value to a defined “application-specific tag” object within an IO-Link device.